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Online Training Classes

Intermediate Class  Module 03

  • Live interactive teaching with Sakre via Google Meet.
Watch live drawing by Sakre.
  • Have your work corrected live by Sakre

Basic Classes

Duration: 1.5 + 0.5 hour / Class Size: 6.

The following subjects would be taught and demonstrated:

  • Difference between Charcoal and Graphite mediums
  • Tonal Values
  • Working in Stages/Sections
  • Understanding Shapes/Proportions

Group Classes

Duration: 1.5 + 0.5 hour / Class Size: 15.

The following subjects would be taught and demonstrated:

  • Difference between Charcoal and Graphite mediums
  • Tonal Values
  • Working in Stages/Sections
  • Understanding Shapes/Proportions

Intermediate Class : Module 03

“This is an excellent starting point for artists who want to take their drawings to the next level.”

In this module 03 students will know their capability, level and their grasping power in learning the ART
This module is designed for those who wants basic preparation for Professional (next) level

Part 1: Introduction of Materials
           Types of pencils, drawing sheets, erasers...
Part 2: Pencil selection
           According to density, values and thickness...
Part 3: How to Hold pencil
           Creating outline and edges
           Basic shading technics
Part 4: Reducing objects to simple shapes
           Looking for squares, triangles and rectangles
           Draw shapes
Part 5: Looking for shapes
           Drawing shapes Curves and round shapes
           While drawing an object
Part 6: Understand eye level
           How it affects curves
           How it makes things look dominant or insignificant
Part 7: Creating depth (light & shadow) by using three tones
           Tones are dark, mid, lighter.
Part 8 : Draw still life with shades (Flower pot, Geometrical shapes)
Part 9 : Draw different types of Flowers, Animals,
            Landscapes, Fruits etc.,,
Part 10 : Tips & tricks to improve your drawing skills

Duration of the course

Each course is of 4 months period, which may come to 16 sessions. Yes, the sessions are once in a week but the fruits of it can be enjoyed when you put commensurate efforts in practicing the explained concepts, techniques, tips, assignments & etc al.

Fee of the courses

Fee for each course is the different based on the level of the course chosen , to know the fee details, please do reach out to me to discuss your interest. The fee is valid for 4 months only i.e., for 16 sessions one can’t extend the tenure for more than 4 months of time span.

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to basic understanding of fundamentals of drawing
  • Introduction to basic drawing materials viz., different kinds of pencils, papers, erasers, smudging tools & their usage
  • Introduction to Realism – Properties of realism & it’s concept & how to incorporate it in our works
  • Importance of role of symmetry in the drawing/sketching/painting
  • How to achieve symmetry in our drawings without much effort
  • How to draw different shapes with lot of ease
  • Techniques to draw more easily & realistically
  • How to draw more effectively
  • How to perceive different textures & tones in nature & reciprocate with various grades of pencils
  • How to protect your finished works and many more

Process of learning

  • Drawing free hand with strokes like parallel lines, parallel curves, circles, curves etc.,
  • Drawing various shapes & objects by slicing them into 4 equal parts, initially to attain symmetry
  • Putting some basic shading & learning blending like spheres, prisms, cubes, cuboids etc.,
  • Drawing the objects with free hand to attain the actual size
  • Drawing the objects from photos/print outs (not from other drawings, but from mother nature)
  • Shading & blending the objects with proper light & dark tones which helps you understand the properties of light on various textures, objects etc.,
  • Drawing the objects by measuring the sizes using pencil
  • Now shading & blending the objects with proper tones
  • Drawing from real life i.e., real objects are placed in front, where measurement of object is taken & drawn using pencil
  • Observation of light effects, shading & blending accordingly & instilling some life into the work

Class Requirement

Material required for my sessions

  1. 2H, HB, B, 2B, 3B, 4B, 5B, 6B, 8B, EE – wooden pencils – Staedtler (set of 26)/Faber-Castell 9000 Series pencil set
  2. 2B, 4B, 6B, 8B – Carbon pencils
  3. Kneaded/Kneadable Eraser
  4. Normal Eraser (white) *Nataraja Eraser 1Rs*
  5. Pencil sharpener & X-acto knife
  6. Charcoal pencils – Soft, Medium/Neutral, Hard – Generals / Sudha
  7. Synthetic soft brush Flat* ( 2,6,8,12 numbers & 2, 4 inches)
  8. A3/A4 size sketch book – Anupam Oxfort 120 to 150 GSM
  9. Blending stumps – Available on http://www.amazon.in by name ‘Paper Stump set’
  10. Cotton & cotton buds
  11. Pencil/Charcoal fixative
  12. TomBow Mono Zero Eraser – Available on http://www.amazon.in
  13. Tissue paper
  14. Whole lot of great love & patience for Fine Art